Why membership?

We want Veritas to be a place where people are bought into our vision to make disciples, love college students, and reach the next generation.  Membership is an opportunity to make being a part of the Veritas family official.  When you are part of a family there are both privileges and responsibilities!



What should members expect?

A member of Veritas Church should expect grace and truth.  We don’t want Veritas to be a country club where people come to be a part of the spiritually elite, so we speak truth and challenge people to be on mission for Jesus.  We want people to celebrate who Jesus is and what he is doing in our church with passion, to connect with other Veritas family members in deep and meaningful relationships, and to give of their time, talents, money, and energy to further the mission God has called us to.  But as we challenge each other to walk in truth, we want our church culture to be filled with God’s grace. We strive to be a “come as you are” church marked by our love, self-sacrifice, and service to others. We hope Veritas is a safe place to struggle with sin.

To start the membership process, please complete this form.